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Welcome Fall

We hope everyone had a great summer, and is just as excited as we are heading into the fall time. We just want to remind everyone that we sell all sorts of rakes, contractor bags, tarps, window winterizing material, wood stove and fireplace accessories, and much more. Don’t be caught off guard when winter arrives, let us help you keep ahead of it. We will also be participating in “Button Up Day” on November 12th going all day from 8 am to 4 pm. There will be sales going on to help you button up heading into winter, and light refreshments as well. You can also check out Buttonupvermont.org for more information. I am Zach Cavacas, Stockbridge local, and am the new full time employee. Very happy to be apart of the team, and look forward to meeting everyone.

Happy Foliage everyone,

Rochester Hardware

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