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We carry Blue Seal products. We place orders every other Thursday and it’s delivered on Friday, the next day!


Maine Oxy
The Hardware is an exchange station for Maine Oxy products. Here you can exchange oxygen, acetylene, mixes of argon and carbon dioxide, Co2 tanks among others. If you have an account with Maine Oxy or not, you can use your account, or buy a tank and pay right here! Price varies.

We have a copier that has fax and copy capabilities in either black and white or color. Faxes are $1.00 per page and copies are .15 cents for black & white, .60 cents for color.

Glass and Plexiglas
Here at The Hardware, we cut Glass and Plexiglas to your dimensions and have a large stock of assorted sizes, buy a piece, or bring in your window and have us fix it here. Price varies.

Shipping Express 

We are now an official Parcel Express Shipping Center, so you can drop your packages off with a preprinted label and we can also process your packages for you at a competitive cost. We provide a tracking number with any package transaction, and can have boxes, bubble wrap, and tape to help you ship your items. So you can now ship your packages while you shop at The Hardware! Price varies.
We are also a Drop off HUB for Amazon!  If dropping off at your door is not desired, you can have your package delivered to our store where it will be safe and dry until you pick it up

Helium Balloons
Whether it’s a birthday, shower, a game at the school or an event happening at your location, we have a large selection of balloons to help you decorate for your special occasion. Call ahead and we can have them ready when you are! $1.25 per balloon, or $12.75 for a dozen.

Chain Saw sharpening

We now have a machine to sharpen a chain in about 20 minutes, Tim will gladly facilitate that for you! $10.00 per chain.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses
The Hardware is the only place in town where you can get your Hunting or Fishing License and all the extra tags that go with each season. When you “bag the big one” you can also report it with us. To see all the rules and regulations or when the seasons start, go to www.vtfishandwildlife.com Price varies.

Key Making
Key making is another service found at The Hardware. With our machine, we have the capability to make single or double sided keys. One sided key is $2.99, and double sided is $3.99.

Light Bulb Recycling
We have a FREE recycle program for all your fluorescent bulbs up to 8’ long and it includes all the CFL bulbs as well.

Mercury Thermostat Recycling
Another of our recycling programs is the Mercury Thermostat program. When it’s time to replace that old mercury style with a more current up to date one, you can get a new one at The Hardware and turn in that old one to be properly disposed

Propane Refills
We fill propane tanks of any size, and tanks need to be no older than 10 years old. We also have a exchange right outside our back door, and you can exchange tanks of any age or condition. Fill for $12.99 or Exchange (20 lb tanks) only$18.00.

Screen and Window Repair
Along with our assorted sizes in glass and plexi, we also carry a large assortment of screen material which you can purchase by the foot or just drop off your window or door and Dillon or Tim will do it correctly, and as cheaply as can be done. Price varies.

Special Orders
Sometimes you can’t find what your looking for (as much inventory as we have, its just impossible to have EVERYTHING) so when that happens, we have a paper catalogs and a website to look thru until we find just the thing you need. Then we can order it along with our regular weekly order and have it for you on Tuesday. If its not available thru our Do It Best catalog, then we’ll go on to the “web” and find it and order for you that way! Either way, we’re going to get it for you!