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The Hardware carries a full line of Exide batteries for your big truck, car, ATV, lawn tractor or snowmobile. Along with these, we also have battery terminal and cables, spark plugs, oil filters, oil, fuel filters, V-belts, trailer accessories, light bulbs and many items to clean and keep your vehicle running smoothly! You can also go to doitbest.com to see a full line of automotive items that are available.

Building Materials
When you think of “building materials” you may not realize that The Hardware has many building materials like concrete, mortar mix, concrete blocks, sonotube and rebar. We also carry insulation in rolls and blue board form and rolls of felt paper. Inside the store, you’ll find joint compound, corner bead and tape, weather-stripping, door knobs and locks, latches, cable, chain and garage door hardware and a full isle of nuts, bolts, washers, screws and other fasteners.  We currently stock some lumber and expect to stock a greater variety in months to come.

The electrical isle at The Hardware has wire by the foot or roll, breakers and panel boxes, conduit in metal and PVC, outlets, switches, GFCI’s. Plus home and shop lighting fixtures, light bulbs and fluorescents. Extension cords for home/office or garage. Go to doitbest.com to see a full line of electrical items that can be ordered and picked up at our store location!

When you stop in to The Hardware for your farm needs, you will find that we have fencing, posts, fence tape, buckets, poultry fountains, feeders, bucket deicers, float valves, poultry netting, heat lamps and bulbs. Plus some horse fly sprays and masks. Out in the barn we have a full line of Blue Seal products for chicken, horse, goat, pig, bunny, bird and sheep. Plus we can order any special item that you’re looking for. To see nutrient content or product description, go to blueseal.com

Hand Tools / Lumber
If you’re looking for a hammer, screwdriver, hand saw, file or vise then you’ve come to the right place because The Hardware has all that and more. We also now carry select lumber, from 2 X 4, to 2 X 2 pieces of plywood. Stop down to see our full selection, also includes appearance grade lumber as well! To see a complete line of hand tools, go to doitbest.com

Our plumbing isle got so large that we had to build its own room! Now when you come to The Hardware you will find schedule 40 and all the fittings, plus sewer and drain along with copper, pex and all the parts. When your faucet is leaking and your toilet is running, stop in here to get your fix! Along with all the repair parts, we have new faucets and toilets, water heaters in electric and propane, pumps, plus some furnace parts. If you’re installing a new woodstove or just replacing some stovepipe, we have both galvanized and black. If you’re looking for something that we don’t have, check doitbest.com and have it shipped to our store!

When it comes time for the holidays you will find that The Hardware has Christmas lights and decorations, Valentine, Easter and Halloween decorations for all your holiday needs plus greeting cards for each member of the family.

When you’re looking for a replacement small appliance or one for a gift, you’ll be sure that you can find it at The Hardware! We have coffee makers, blenders, toasters, toaster ovens, deep fryers, electric griddles, crock pots, hair dryers, heating pads and more! For your cleaning pleasure, you will find all of the current cleaning aids for kitchen, bath and every room in your home. To see ALL the cleaning aids we offer, go to doitbest.com so that we can get it in for you!

At The Hardware you can get all the Vermont Natural Ag products that included Moo Doo, Moo Dirt and Moo Grow. If you want to see all the products they have to offer, go to moodoo.com. We also carry Pine, Cedar and Hemlock mulches along with many Scotts Products such as Weed & Feed and lime in both pelletized and When you’re ready, you can rent a spreader with us as well!In addition to all of this, you can find all the hand tools you’ll need like shovels, rakes, hoes, wheel barrows and spreaders. We also carry axes, mauls, replacement handles!The garden seeds that we carry are from High Mowing Seeds and are of the highest quality organic seed and we also carry Burpee, so that you can have a choice! We also have starter kits and weed block! For a complete line of gardening items go to doitbest.com

When you ready for grass seed, we have Conservation, Contractors and Rye and you can get these by the pound or by the 25# or 50# bags.

Office Supplies
In our office supplies department, you’ll find the usual office supplies along with some computer cables, reams of paper, DVD and CD disks. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, go to doitbest.com to see what can be ordered for you.

Outdoor Recreation
Everyone loves outdoor recreation! So when it’s time to replace some of your camping supplies, you’ll find Coleman lanterns and stoves at The Hardware. We also have sleeping bags, inflatable beds, tents, flashlights, batteries, even a solar shower! If you’re more of a hunter or fisher, then you can get your Hunting/Fishing license at The Hardware and then report your game at our weight in station. If you want to know when the seasons begin or the rules and regulations, you can go to vtfishandwildlife.com

Paints and Sundries
Valspar is the paint of choice at The Hardware with a very good selection of interior and exterior to choose from. We also have the capability of matching a color if you bring a color name and number from another store brand name. We also carry Cabot stain for exterior as well as Minwax for interior. While you’re there, you can find brushes, trays, roller covers, sanding pads and paper along with an assortment of wood fillers and putties for all your painting projects. To see a full line of all the paint and accessories we can get for you go to doitbest.com or go to valsparpaint.com to see all the colors we can make and tips to help you do the best job!  NEW TO OUR SHELVES. CALIFORNIA PAINT!  STORM STAINS.  We are so pleased to offer choices to both homeowners and contractors.

Pet Supplies
The Hardware is pet friendly in more ways than one! We love to have your pets come in and visit and get a biscuit while they wait for you to pick out their new leash, collar or harnesses from Lupine Pet. Lupine Pet 100% guarantees their product so if it get chewed through, you can return it and get a free one! We also have a selection of toys, dishes, runs, shampoos, powders and flea drops and combs and brushes. We have Blue Seal for your pet too, dog, cat, bunny, guinea pig and all indoor caged birds. MOST OF OUR STOCK IS SUPPLIED BY PET FOOD WAREHOUSE! IF YOU NEED A SPECIAL FOOD OR OET ITEM, WE CAN ORDER IT FOR YOU!

Bird Seed
When it comes to birdseed, The Hardware is Bird Headquarters! We have a large assortment of birdseed such as Black Oil Sunflower, Natures Choice, Song Maker, Sing a Long and Striped Sunflower and because we carry them in 10, 20 or 40 pound sizes, it makes it convenient for you to choose! When you buy your birdseed at The Hardware you can join our Bird Club and get a punch card. How it works is easy! When you buy 20 pounds of seed you get a “punch” when you fill your card, you get a free 20 pound bag! How fun is that? Don’t forget to check out our feeders and stock up on suet while you’re at it!

Power Tools
When you need to replace your saw, drill, sander or grinder, The Hardware is the place to go! We have an assortment of brands like Milwaukee, Black & Decker, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch and others in corded or cordless.

The Hardware carries all you will need in the line of safety products like earplugs, dust masks, glasses, helmets, safety vests, gloves, boots and first aid kits. We also have latex, nitrile, liquid and chemical resistant gloves and professional respirators. You can also find helmets and gloves for welding. And don’t forget, if you can’t find something you’re looking for, we can special order it from doitbest.com

Fire Wood

We currently sell bundles of fire wood for 5 dollars, with each bundle typically holding 6 – 8 pieces of wood. We also sell big bags of kindling, with each bag costing $7.50