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Green Products

Green Lite USA is a company solely focused on energy efficient products. Each 15,000 hour LED bulb will save you $59 based on 11 cents per kWh in energy costs over the life of the bulb compared to using 15 standard 1,000 hour 40W light bulbs. We have a wide range of bulbs to choose from, and all at a great price as well. You can also check them out at www.greenliteusa.com Image result for greenliteusa
Vermont Natural Coatings is another line of “green” that The Hardware carries. This is professional quality product made from whey protein with the strength to create a beautiful, lasting finish on floors and furniture while having a low VOC content which makes it “safe” to work with. It also comes in several shades to compliment any décor. To see their website, visit vermontnaturalcoatings.com
Another product made locally is Greenlite. This is a bag of recycled fire starter designed with paraffin wax, kindling wood and the bag itself which you just throw into your stove or fireplace and light. It is made, gathered and packaged right here in Vermont.

Natural Alternative Ice Melter is another product that is designed to be safe for trees, shrubs, walkways and decks. It will not leave residue on rugs or shoes and has an unlimited shelf life.

Green Envy is an environmentally friendly paint thinner available at The Hardware that is Low VOC with reduced toxins and is less flammable. Ideal for thinning oil and latex paints and brush/surface clean-up.
Simple Green, a concentrated all-purpose cleaner/degreaser that is non-toxic and biodegradable. This cleaner is safe for multi- surfaces and can also be used in the laundry. For more tips and other helpful information, visit the website simplegreen.com

High Mowing Organic Seeds are the garden seeds that we carry are from High Mowing Seeds and are of the highest quality organic seed.

Host Carpet Cleaning System is a “dry” carpet cleaning product thats water based and removes mold, dust mites and other allergens. It doesn’t use hot water so thats energy saved and because theres no wet surface, theres no microbial growth. Stop in today to see the “Host” line of carpet cleaning or go to hostdry.com to see the products.